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Coin-O-Matic Knows Where the Next Best Laundromat Will Be Opened

If you’ve been looking to start your laundromat business journey but have struggled to find the right real estate or location, you need to talk to the Coin-O-Matic team. We’re always on the lookout for the best location to open a new laundromat store, and regularly research real estate in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin. Our team keeps up with available real estate listings, the most promising locations, and so much more to provide our customers with the best possible advice when it comes to opening a new laundromat.

For 50 years, we have helped entrepreneurs find outstanding locations to start their vended laundromat journeys. We use our proprietary mapping software to find lucrative gaps in the marketplace then we personally inspect potential laundromat locations for the feasibility of a successful laundromat. We don’t wait for entrepreneurs to come to us looking for recommendations, we’re always running these analyses and touring prospective laundromat locations so that we’re ready whenever you are. Right now, we have a list of 5 ideal locations ready and waiting for you to open a successful laundromat.

Coin-O-Matic Has The Laundromat Industry Experience to Spot a Great Location

Some of the key location factors that we take into consideration when choosing the space for a successful laundromat:

  • Visible to those passing by
  • Surrounded by the right demographic
  • Near other local businesses
  • Plenty of parking space

At Coin-O-Matic, we have even more criteria and research that go into evaluating a laundromat location. Through this, you’ll know that investing in your new laundromat investment will get you the business you’re looking for!

Coin-O-Matic Has The Local Expertise to Know When The Right Laundromat Development Listings Pop Up

We are always keeping track of new location listings that pop up in our service area of
Northern Illinois, Northern Indiana, Southern Wisconsin, and the lower peninsula of Michigan!

When location availability pops up, we thoroughly go through the following steps:

  • Detailed gross revenue forecast for the market
  • Competitive landscape for the market
  • Construction feasibility analysis

Our expert team will work with you to go over the available locations to find which would be the best fit for you! If you want to look at the locations we have available now, click here!

Coin-O-Matic is Ready to Talk to Serious Investors About Laundromat Locations Available

Contact us if you’re ready to dive into owning your own laundromat business! We’d be happy to walk through the steps that it will take for you to find success in the vended laundromat industry! Once we fully understand what you’re looking for when it comes to a budget and business goals, we can better help you find the location that will meet and exceed your needs.

Don't Wait. In Today's Real Estate Market, Great Listings Like These Go Fast, so Contact Us Soon!

At Coin-O-Matic, our listings go fast! With a reliable and trusted team in your corner, you can guarantee that your chosen location will be the right one for you. Contact us today if you want to begin your laundromat business journey!

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