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Laundry Equipment for Military Bases

Air Force, Army, Marine, and Naval bases serve not only as a workplace, but also as a home to military personnel and their families. Serving those that serve our country is our honor and our on-premise laundry equipment offers the convenience that our service men and women deserve.

Laundry Equipment for Military Life

Serving in the military is a full time job, with little time reserved for the routine tasks of daily life. The efficiency and convenience of Speed Queen's industrial laundry equipment is a sound choice for laundry facilities on military bases, offering:

  • Better Wash Results:Speed Queen's washers give the best possible clean, outperforming industry competitors time and time again.
  • Built-to-Last Materials: Speed Queen uses metal parts that are high quality and long lasting. The commercial-grade equipment can withstand cycle after cycle of washing and drying military uniforms and civilian clothes.
  • Credit Card Laundry Vending Systems: Adding another payment option for users, SpyderWash card readers use technology to enable real time credit authorization.
  • Smart Card Laundry Vending Systems:Using a proprietary card that acts as a token system, users can add money onto their cards for a secure payment option.
  • Energy Conservation:Speed Queen equipment is energy efficient, saving money on utility costs and protecting the environment.
  • Fast Cycles: 30 minute wash and 45 minute dry times keeps traffic moving through laundry facilities on base.

The Speed Queen Difference

Coin-O-Matic is a proud distributer of Speed Queen laundry equipment and recommends it as a top pick for military bases. When you invest in Speed Queen, your base will receive:

  • 100% Made in the USA Equipment: Manufactured in the Midwest, Speed Queen is dedicated to American quality.
  • Equipment that Meets & Exceeds Needs: Before leaving the facility, Speed Queen equipment is tested to surpass industry standards. Your base will receive a product that performs at the highest levels.
  • Low Energy Consumption: Numerous Speed Queen machines are ENERGY STAR® certified, saving military bases significant amounts of money on utility costs.

Coin-O-Matic has the experience and knowledge to help your military base choose the correct laundry equipment, financing, and installation options that best suit your needs. If your military base is in our service area, contact us today!