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Laundry Payment Systems

We are dating ourselves here, but Coin-O-Matic's founder "Harry Miller" started vending wash cycles by installing Mark-Time coin meters on Speed Queen wringer washers in the 1930's.  Many years have passed and Coin-O-Matic still provides our clients the most convenient way for customers to pay for a wash and dry cycle.  Every installation has unique customer needs, security concerns and budget restrictions, but the proven fact is the easier you make it for your clients to pay for a laundry cycle the more money you will make!

Laundry Payment Options

Coin-O-Matic Is Your Payment Systems Experts

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  • We Specialize in "Cost Effectively" Converting Old Card Systems to Current Technology

Coin-O-Matic will increase your revenue with the right laundry payment system for your business!  Contact our payment systems specialist today.