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Live Laundry Room View

Coin-O-Matic has installed 100's of machines that feature live laundry room view.  Just as the name states, with today's technology customers can view (on any smart phone or internet browser) a live view of which washers and dryers are available for use within their building's laundry room.  Once a cycle has started, the customer will get notified via text message when their laundry is nearing completion.  Gone of the days of wasting trips (carrying an awkward laundry basket) to the laundry room only to find all the washers and dryers in use.

How does live laundry room viewing work?

Coin-O-Matic sets up the laundry room so that each washer and dryer communicates its current state of use to cloud software.  Once this is set up, customers can log into a mobile device to view the current status of the laundry equipment within their laundry room.  When the customer sets up their account they can include their cell phone number within the user profile.  By doing this, whenever the customer does their laundry they will get notified via text message when the washer or dryer is nearing its cycle completion.

Important Benefits

  • Excellent customer convenience
  • Compatible with cash, payment app, credit card & smart card payment systems
  • Unlimited marketing opportunities
  • Increased laundry revenue

Coin-O-Matic knows how to improve your business with live laundry room view!  Contact our payment system specialists today.