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Commercial Laundry Equipment for Hair/Beauty Salons, Barbershops and Spas

Are you a hair or beauty salon owner looking for a laundry equipment upgrade? Is the wear and tear of your salon’s needs working against your current laundry system?

When you need commercial-grade quality and efficiency, without the bulk and space demands of traditional industrial laundry equipment, Coin-O-Matic offers a range of different washers and dryers as the perfect solution for your hair or beauty salon.

 Salons utilize laundry equipment to clean a variety of different supplies and tools:

  • Employee uniforms
  • Hair cloths
  • Drying towels and linens
  • Client robes
  • Seat covers
  • Tablecloths
  • Sheets and bed covers
  • Small, machine-washable rugs

Many salons use residential laundry equipment to do the job, which often can’t cope with the high frequency of loads demanded by the industry, leading to repairs, equipment needing to be replaced frequently and other costs and headaches. Commercial washers and dryers are built to withstand frequent loads, and have the added benefit of being more time and energy-efficient. These features translate into lower utility bills, lower long-term equipment costs and higher productivity.

 Coin-O-Matic offers several hair/beauty salon laundry equipment & services:

Maintaining high sanitary and cleanliness standards is necessary to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. Coin-O-Matic commercial-grade laundry equipment meets these needs, all while providing efficiency and convenience.

 If your hair or beauty salon is located in our service area including Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, or Wisconsin, we’d love to get in touch with you. Headquartered in Alsip, Illinois, we are an experienced team with knowledge and expertise on laundry equipment solutions for the hair and beauty industry. Contact us today to learn more!