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Laundry Equipment for Rehabilitation Centers

Rehabilitation centers can be a much-needed retreat for those recovering from illness, injury or addiction, or as a home for individuals who require additional care due to old age or disability. By providing exceptional accommodations for guests, you can ensure their visit or stay is an enjoyable and restorative experience.

Top-notch commercial laundry equipment is a crucial component of this experience, whether it’s guest-operated or for employees only. Investing in a system that can withstand frequent use and supply a deep clean every time will make a lasting difference.

Rehabilitation centers rely on laundry equipment to clean a wide variety of different items including:

  • Personal clothing items
  • Bed linens
  • Hospital gowns
  • Medical linens
  • Employee uniforms
  • Tablecloths
  • Curtains
  • Small, machine-washable rugs
  • Towels

Maintaining the perfect clean is crucial for meeting and exceeding guest expectations. The easier it is for individuals to get routine tasks like laundry done, the easier they can focus on receiving the care they need.

Coin-O-Matic offers many laundry equipment products and services for rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and care centers:

Providing the level of care that guests deserve includes a commitment to convenience and cleanliness with efficient and effective service.

The Coin-O-Matic team has plenty of experience working with facilities like care centers, nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities and understands what the market and facility environment is like. Our knowledge and expertise can best assist you in your next laundry equipment upgrade or remodel. If you are located in our service area, don’t hesitate to contact us to get connected and learn more.