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Smart Card Laundry Payment Systems

Over the last twenty five years Coin-O-Matic has installed thousands of smart card vending systems on commercial laundry equipment.  If you have reasons to eliminate cash from your laundry rooms, a smart card vending system is the best solution for your needs. 

How does a smart card system work?

Fundamentally a smart card system is a secure electronic "token" system for business owners who need to eliminate cash from their laundry rooms.  Instead of using quarters, your customers insert a proprietary card that stores value on a secure microchip that issues the vend to start the washers and dryers.  To re-value the smart card your customers can do so at a Add Value Station installed in a secure location on your property or via a secure internet website. 

Important Features

  • Eliminates Cash from Your Laundry Rooms / Area
  • Multi Vend / Multiple Pricing Compatible
  • Complete Payment Auditing and Accountability
  • High Security Add Value Stations Accept Cash or Credit / Debit Cards
  • Custom Printing of Smart Cards Available
  • Flexible Installation Options


We have the best results with smart card systems installed in businesses where having cash in the laundry rooms / area is simply not an option.

  • Apartment Buildings
  • High Rise Condominiums
  • Student Housing
  • Prisons
  • Mobile Home Communities
  • Select Laundromats

Eliminate the hassle of coins and cash and install smart card vending systems on your commercial laundry equipment today! Contact the Coin-O-Matic Payment System Specialists for service in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin.