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Laundry Pay App for iOS and Android

Many laundry business owners are leveraging laundry pay apps to make laundry operations easier and more efficient. 

These apps allow customers to securely pay for a laundry job right at the laundromat, increasing convenience, security, and customer satisfaction. 

For laundry business owners, laundry pay apps offer the advantage of easily tracking laundry payments in real time and accessing sales reports quickly and conveniently. These modern laundry payment systems help provide a seamless customer experience while saving time and money.

How Do Laundry Pay App Systems Work?

With this technology, the payment app acts like a mobile wallet that stores funds to be used to pay for laundry cycles. The user adds funds to this mobile wallet in $10, $20, $30, or $50 increments with any credit/debit card, which gets stored within their profile for continued use. 

The phone's built-in wireless technology allows the app to communicate with each washer or dryer to pay for the cycle with the stored funds within the app.  When the mobile wallet's balance gets low, the user selects the number of funds they want to purchase to be added to their wallet.

What's the User Experience Like for Laundry Pay Apps?

Customers no longer have to worry about purchasing quarters, adding value to a primitive laundry smart card (that can easily be lost), or searching for their own credit card. 

Simply load the machine and pay for a laundry cycle with a few simple clicks on a smartphone. 

Smartphone app laundry payment systems can also be set up so that customers can remotely see (from within the app) which machines are available for use and get a notification via text message as their cycle is nearing completion. Say goodbye to wasted trips down to the laundry room!

Benefits of Laundry Pay Apps

  1. Improved Customer Experience
  2. Simplify Your Laundry Business
  3. Low Hardware Costs
  4. Low Credit Card Processing Fees
  5. Unlimited Marketing Opportunities
  6. Increased Laundry Revenue

Coin-O-Matic has the experience to improve your business with a laundry pay app payment system! Make sure your laundry business stays up-to-date and provides the best customer experience possible - contact our payment systems specialist today!