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Laundry Equipment for Pet Care Facilities

According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), the pet care industry was estimated at $62 billion dollars in 2016. Veterinarian, grooming, and boarding services have unique laundry needs to keep blankets, towels, medical supplies, and housekeeping materials clean and ready-to-use. Coin-O-Matic's industrial laundry equipment provides a cost-effective and viable solution for pet care business owners to replace residential laundry machines with commercial grade equipment!

Tackle Pet Care Head-On with a Commercial Laundry Solution for Everyone

Often times businesses providing animal care purchase home washers and dryers to take care of their facility's laundry needs. Residential laundry equipment doesn't always hold up to the high laundry demands that pet care businesses face, including:

  • Extreme soil
  • Pet hair
  • Dander
  • Constant machine use

For animal care providers who have standard washer and dryer hook-ups or are short on space, stack laundry equipment provides a cost-savings solution because these commercial machines can attach to the existing connections. Coin-O-Matic is a proud laundry equipment distributor whose coin-operated stack washer and dryers can be installed with a non-vended option and can also accommodate large items like blankets and towels.

For groomers, animal boarders, or veterinarians who have a larger space for a laundry center, on-premise industrial washing machines and on-premise industrial dryers are an ideal solution. Providing a deep clean with 400-g extraction and simple controls for easy use, makes the tough-to-clean dirt go away quickly so that there are always fresh supplies ready for use when you need them.

Let Coin-O-Matic Help Your Pet Care Business Find a Laundry Solution!

Whether you are working with a small space, looking for a cost-effective laundry fix, or have ample room to install a laundry center, Coin-O-Matic has a solution for you. Our team is 100% committed to serving you and finding the right mix of commercial laundry equipment to fit your animal care business's needs. Coin-O-Matic is dedicated to helping our clients access their laundry needs and provide a turnkey package that ends up saving you money on laundry expenses. If your pet care business is located in our service area, contact us today!