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Laundromat Financing Qualifications and Offerings

The 4 Keys to Secure a Laundromat Business Loan* 

Today's lenders look for these four key elements to finance the purchase of a new or existing laundromat.

  1. Credit score greater than or equal to 670
  2. 25-40% of the purchase price down payment plus 3 months of operating expenses of cash on hand
  3. Net worth of at least two times the value of the financed amount
  4. Experience with operating a business

*There are exceptions to these rules based on the borrower's business experience and personal net worth.

Coin-O-Matic offers attractive laundromat financing

Coin-O-Matic is a family-owned business, so we understand the need for attractive financing firsthand. Over 50 years of successful laundromat development gives us the knowledge and relationships to help our clients receive the industry's lowest cost and longest-term financing options. Coin-O-Matic sets the gold standard in laundromat business financing.

  • Long relationships with the industries most reasonable lenders
  • Low interest / fixed rate options
  • Deferred payment options help when ramping up a new laundromat
  • Extended finance terms to increase cash flow
  • SBA opportunities

Interested in learning more about your financing options when it comes to purchasing a laundromat? Coin-O-Matic would love to talk to you. Contact Coin-O-Matic's Laundromat Investment Specialists today!