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Converting Coin-Operated Laundry Equipment

The more options you give your customers to pay, the more likely it is they will use your laundry equipment. This is why credit card laundry payment systems are necessary for your commercial laundry equipment. When was the last time you returned to a gas station that did not have pay at the pump option? Never, right?  Today, Coin-O-Matic installs credit card readers that mount on every single piece of commercial laundry equipment in your laundry room or laundromat business.  With our readers, each machine will accept cash, credit card, debit card, contactless payment, cellular payments, and in-house loyalty cards.

Contact Coin-O-Matic for more information on converting coin-operated laundry equipment, or call us at 1-708-540-2076.

How do laundry credit card readers work?

Coin-O-Matic installs SpyderWash card readers on each machine. The reader does not replace the coin operation, but rather it simply adds another payment option for your customers. Each reader communicates via wireless Bluetooth technology to a high-speed internet hub that enables real-time credit authorization. All communication is highly encrypted, which keeps all of the customer's and your business information 100% secure.

What is the user experience like?

Simple is the best explanation. At each laundry machine, the customer can use quarters the coin-operated way or use their credit/debit card "Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express." They can also use an in-house loyalty card that is exclusive to your laundry business.

It gets even better! For credit/debit cards, customers can swipe a Mag Stripe card, tap an  RFID Contactless Card, or use an NFC Mobile Wallet Payment such as Apply Pay, Google Wallet, or Softcard. Simply put, it does not get more convenient than this.

Other Important Credit Card Laundry Payment Features

  • Multi Vend / Multiple Pricing Compatible
  • Real-Time Credit Authorization
  • Dual Coin Acceptance
  • Complete Payment Auditing and Accountability
  • USA Technologies - Low Clearing House Rates
  • Contactless Card Acceptance - RFID Chip, MasterCard Paypass, Visa Payware
  • NFC Mobile Wallet Acceptance - Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Softcard
  • Compatible With All Brands of Laundry Equipment - Speed Queen, Maytag, Dexter, Huebsch and more.

Credit Card Reader Applications

Coin-O-Matic has successfully installed thousands of credit card readers on commercial washers and dryers in many forms of business applications.

If your commercial laundry equipment needs to be updated to include a credit card laundry vending system, contact our payment systems specialist today for service in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, or Wisconsin. You can also call us at 1-708-540-2076.