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Laundromat Location Feasibility Study

Got a location that you think might be good for a laundromat business?  Well, wonder no longer, Coin-O-Matic will answer this question for you.  There is no need to make a bad investment when you have Coin-O-Matic's expertise to help you make a smart choice on a laundromat location.

Coin-O-Matic's Laundromat Location Feasibility Study Includes

  • Market Assessment
    • Deep dive demographic analysis
    • Detailed competitive analysis
    • Detailed potential laundry revenue forecast for the given market
  • Real Estate Assessment
    • Zoning check
    • Cost analysis (purchase or leased location)
    • Real estate tax analysis
    • Un-foreseen cost estimate (e.g. water and sewer tap fees)
  • Construction Assessment
    • Laundromat layout and design per the location
    • Construction cost estimate
    • Laundry equipment and accessory cost estimate
  • Business Assessment
    • Business financing analysis and interest expense estimate
    • 10 year detailed business performance estimate

Coin-O-Matic will provide you with the information needed to make a smart choice on your laundromat business investment.  Furthermore, should you decide to pursue your location, Coin-O-Matic will credit the full cost of the study towards your commercial laundry equipment purchase.

Contact Coin-O-Matic's Laundromat Investment Specialists for further details.