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Coin-O-Matic Service Area

From our headquarters in Alsip, Illinois, Coin-O-Matic provides coin-operated and commercial washer and dryer solutions and services to multi-housing laundry facilities, laundromats, and on-premises laundry rooms throughout Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin. In Alsip, we have our main office, showroom, and parts counter (we also ship laundry replacement parts nationwide).

Our veteran team of laundry specialists works together with clients to deliver complete customer satisfaction by listening to our clients’ needs.  

Our dedication to the commercial laundry industry throughout northern Illinois and Indiana is evidenced by our excellent customer service and professionalism.

Please note that our service area may differ based on the laundry equipment supplier brand you're interested in.

Laundry Equipment Sales & Service Area

In Illinois, our service area includes the following counties:


In Indiana, we proudly serve these counties:


In Michigan, our service area includes these counties:


In Wisconsin, our service areas include:


Providing laundry equipment sales and service to customers throughout northern Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan and shipping replacement parts nationwide, the team at Coin-O-Matic is ready and waiting to help you; just contact us today