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How PocketChange.Live Increases the Value of Your Laundry Room

If you are a laundry room leasing customer through Coin-O-Matic, you have exclusive access to add PocketChange.Live products to your laundry facility. This line of laundry technology is designed to improve the lives of residents who use common area laundry rooms, making it easier for them to do their wash from start to finish. By adding PocketChange.Live to your buildings, you create added amenities, increasing the value of your real estate investments.

Creates a Convenient Way to Pay

Just as the name sounds, PocketChange.Live embodies whatever customers have in their pocket as a form of payment. Whether you have credit, debit, cash, or change, this laundry technology creates a convenient way to pay every time. Some key services this product provides that will help increase the value of your laundry rooms are:

Allows Users to See a Live Status of the Laundry Room

PocketChange.Live goes beyond just creating a convenient way for customers to pay for their laundry cycles in your laundry rooms. This value-added technology offers a live view on any internet browser, showing the available machines in your building. PocketChange.Live increases the worth of your laundry room by providing an advantageous way for your tenants to see if machines are available or if their cycle is completed. By sending out an email notification when their wash is near completion, you save them valuable time and add an extra amenity, creating a loyal and satisfied customer.

If you are looking to increase the value of your laundry facility and enhance the features that you offer to customers, PocketChange.Live is a sound investment. Coin-O-Matic has a team of PocketChange.Live Specialists who are available to educate, demonstrate, and share the value that this laundry room technology adds to any property value. If you are in our service area, contact Coin-O-Matic today!