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Looking for a business investment that is low stress and gives a high return on Investment?

The laundromat industry is a five billion dollar industry with over 35,000 laundromats located nationwide. Laundromats offer a higher success rate than most alternative investment opportunities, and with our assistance, that rate increases even more.

Owning a laundromat offers a combination of stability, flexibility, and profitability. Coin laundromats have a moderate capital requirement, and deliver a high return on investment. And with about 1 in 3 households currently renting, there is a steady demand for laundromat services.

We have built hundreds of laundromats over the years, and we want to help you.  From construction, to permit submission, to the ribbon cutting, our experienced team of contractors can complete your project on time and on budget, while delivering a product that consistently saves you, the investor, thousands of dollars in operating expenses. 

Take a look around our website for valuable information about laundromat ownership, financing, equipment, the most modern payment technologies, repairs, and current laundromats for sale. We can assist in getting your business kicked off and operating on the right foot. We have been developing coin laundromats for the last 50 years. 

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Key Benefits of Owning a Laundromat


flexibility image7Laundromats Provide Flexibility

One attractive aspect to owning a laundromat these days is that it’s completely automated so it isn’t mandatory for you to be on the premises full-time. One third of current laundromat investors consider their store a part-time job. 

High ROI in the Laundry Industry            48559 return of investment

Laundromats have an excellent Return on Investment or ROI currently, between 20 and 35 percent. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, higher than 12 percent is excellent and a laundromat exceeds that up to 3 times. 

low labor costs2 Laundromats Have Low Labor Costs

In a laundromat, your customers are the labor and your machines do the work so it’s not necessary to hire a large staff. 70% of laundromat investors have two or less employees.


Zero Accounts Receivable with a Laundromat           icon cash2

Laundromat customers pay up front, thus totally eliminating the stress and complications associated with accounts receivable.  In short, you do not have any accounts receivable with a laundromat. 


Laundromat Businesses Encourage crowd of users 318 50125Repeat Customers

90% of laundromat customers become repeat customers. That’s more than any other business!


Clean Clothes Are a Necessity                                                  clean clothes5

Because clothes need to be cleaned, laundromat success is not tied to the ups and downs of the economy! A coin-operated laundry is a recession proof business.