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On-Premises Industrial Washing Machines

All Speed Queen industrial washing machines are available with non-vended control options for high use industrial OPL applications. Control options include Quantum Gold fully programmable cycle selections, along with Quantum Standard basic controls for industrial laundry equipment operators who prefer simplicity. In addition to Speed Queen's small chassis and rigid mount washers extractors, Speed Queen offers Soft-Mount with extract speeds of 400-g for on-premises laundry applications servicing northern Illinois and northwestern Indiana.

Small Chassis Speed Queen Commercial Washers

Commercial Washer SmallChassisSpeed Queen commercial washers are designed for lighter commercial use such as hair salons, restaurants and smaller health clubs with space and utility restrictions.

Available in standard top load 15 lb. and front load 18 lb capacities

  • All metal construction inner and outer basket plus all metal transmission assembly.
  • Only small chassis washers in the marketplace built for industrial use.
  • Extraction g-forces up to 400-g

Hard Mount Commercial Washers

Commercial Washer Hard MountSpeed Queen Hard Mount washers are for high use commercial installations where business need equipment that lasts for many years. Hard mount washers are designed for grade level installations where the washer is bolted to the floor.   

Available in 20, 30, 40, 60, 80 and 100 lb capacities

  • Quantum control options give owners 99 different cycle possibilities for maximum wash performance
  • Pillow ball bearing assembly with dual triple-lip seals and stainless steel trunnion sleeve.
  • Four-compartment supply dispenser plus automatic supply injection
  • Extraction g-forces up to 200-g

Soft Mount Commercial Washers

Commercial Washer SoftMountSpeed Queen Soft Mount washers feature the same commercial durability as their hard mount siblings with additional benefits. Because the wash basket is suspended within the machine, soft mount washers do not need to be bolted to grade level concrete and can spin at very high extraction speeds.

 Available in 20, 25, 30, 40, 60, 80 and 100 lb. capacities

  • Very large 180 degree door opening
  • Variable speed drive handles a wide variety of fabric types
  • Upfront soap box for ease of use plus automatic supply injection
  • Extraction g-forces up to 400-g

Whether you need a small or big commercial washing machine, Speed Queen can fit your on premise laundry equipment needs.  Coin-O-Matic’s laundry distribution area extends throughout northern Illinois and northwestern Indiana servicing Chicago, Joliet, Rockford, and South Bend. Contact a Laundry Equipment Specialist to discover the right fit for your business.