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June 23, 2023

What Laundry Equipment is Right for Your Multi-Housing Business?

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Multi-housing laundry equipment is a key component to keeping tenants happy in apartment buildings, condominiums, campus residence halls and dorms, employee housing, military bases, and more. But finding the right laundry solution that can keep up with your residents’ needs and requires minimal maintenance can be challenging. 

Here are a few tips to help you develop a multi-housing laundry space that is efficient, economical, and keeps your residents happy.

Embrace Technology for Apartment Complexes

Let’s face it: Doing laundry is necessary, but it rarely tops the highlight reel of anyone’s week. Oftentimes apartment and condo residents will load their laundry and head back to their unit to work, make dinner, etc. 

The last thing you want is someone’s laundry left in the washer or dryer for hours after their cycle finishes. This limits other residents’ ability to do their laundry and could cause bacteria growth and musty-smelling machines if clothes are left for too long. 

Here are a few laundry equipment options that work best for apartment buildings:

Energy-efficient washers and dryers to reduce water and electricity consumption. 

Any opportunity to reduce operating expenses for your property can help increase your income. We offer a variety of vended laundry equipment, including Top-Load Washers, Front-Load Washers, Single Dryers, and Stackable Washer/Dryer Combos for multi-housing needs.

Multiple payment options. 

From coin payment to card and mobile app options, giving your tenants the option to use their preferred payment method will make doing laundry easier (and give you happier tenants). 

We offer a variety of payment system options, including coin, coin and mobile, laundry card, laundry card and mobile, or mobile only to provide payment flexibility to your tenants.

Real-time availability. 

Our mobile app and payment technologies let tenants view available washers and dryers, as well as set alerts when their laundry cycle is complete.

Whether you have a large 400-unit building, like the ones we service in the Chicago area, or a fourplex, your residents will love the convenience of checking if washers and dryers are available without ever leaving their unit. 

Make it a Gathering Place for College Residence Halls

Colleges and universities are all about building a safe and welcoming environment for students, and laundry areas can be a top gathering space. Students come together regularly to take care of their laundry, so on-campus laundry rooms are a convenient place to study, socialize, and get to know fellow students.

Here are a few laundry equipment options that work best for college residence halls:

Durable washers and dryers 

Many college students are still learning the ins and outs of doing laundry, so you’ll want machines that are up to the challenge first-time laundry-doers throw their way. We offer a variety of heavy-duty washers and dryers that are designed to last for years to come. 

Advance machine booking 

Whether you have a residence hall with 30 residents or 1,200 residents, your students will love the ability to reserve washers and dryers in advance. 

Our mobile app and payment technologies let students view available washers and dryers and pick a time that works with their busy class, work, internship, and extracurricular schedule. They can also set alerts when their laundry cycle is complete. Learn more about the pros and cons of mobile app payment options.

Pair Speed with Load Size for Employee Housing

Is employee housing part of your fringe benefits program? If so, you’ll want to provide a laundry solution for your employees that is quick and affordable. 

Your employees are busy with full schedules to maintain, so the ability to get their laundry done on site and in as little time as possible is a must for them.

Here are a few laundry equipment options that work best for employee housing:

Large capacity and fast wash/dry cycles 

Give your employees the ability to wash large loads of laundry with fast wash and dry cycles using our vended laundry equipment. Check out recent trends in multi-housing units to consider as you build your employee housing laundry facility.

Efficient options 

Subsidizing or providing housing to your employees can be a great recruitment and retention tool, but it can also be hard to manage expenses. Using our high-efficiency vended laundry equipment can help you trim water and electricity usage and reduce housing expenses for your business and employees, as can educating your employees about eco-friendly laundry practices.

Intuitive machine controls 

Make doing laundry as easy as possible for your employees by providing on-site laundry machines with easy-to-use controls. This will make selecting the right cycle for their laundry needs a breeze, and make doing their laundry a quick and seamless process.

Choose Heavy-Duty Options for Military Bases

Because your machines are going to be used by soldiers on a daily basis for uniforms, bedding, and more, it’s important that you choose a heavy-duty option that can withstand whatever the military throws at it. 

Here are a few laundry equipment options that work best for military bases:

Heavy-duty washer and dryers.

Your machines need to be ready to wash and dry thousands of uniforms, bedding, and towels each month. 

Our durable washer and dryer options—such as the heavy-duty Speed Queen Homestyle Top Load Washer or the Speed Queen Commercial Homestyle Dryer—live up to the level of cleanliness expected in the military. 

Efficient and large capacity options. 

Whether it’s a drill weekend, military exercise, or standard day, you need machines that ensure your uniforms are ready when you need them. 

Using our high-efficiency laundry equipment can help you trim water and electricity usage and reduce expenses for your military base, as well as get more laundry done in fewer loads.

Contact the Multi-Housing Laundry Equipment Specialists at Coin-O-Matic Today

Your residents will appreciate the effort that you put into developing a clean, welcoming, and easy-to-use shared laundry space in your apartment building, residence hall, employee housing, or military base.

If you’re interested in more details on how to plan your multi-housing laundry equipment, contact us today! At Coin-O-Matic, we’re here to go above and beyond to help you with any of your laundry equipment needs! 



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