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November 18, 2022

What Equipment Is Needed To Start A Laundromat Business?

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It’s no secret that laundromats are a sound business investment. Worth over $5 billion in annual sales nationwide, the laundromat industry provides incredible opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors.  Coin-O-Matic has an unparalleled commitment to the success of our customers has supported laundromat owners with trusted commercial laundromat equipment since the late 1950s. We have continuously provided laundry equipment that has stood the test of time, and we’re ready to help you outfit your new laundromat with the right commercial equipment.

At Coin-O-Matic, we offer top load washers, front load washers, hard mount washer extractors, soft mount washer extractors, tumble dryers, and stack tumble dryers that will keep your laundromat business running efficiently and effectively. Let’s look at the commercial laundry equipment available so that you can get the best equipment for your new laundromat business!  

Top Load Washers For Laundromats


Maytag Top Load Washer MAT20PDAWW

Tackle the dirtiest loads of laundry with Maytag’s MAT20PDAWW top load washer! This top load washer features a deep-water wash and rinse cycle with a vigorous cleaning to make clothes spotless! The heavy-duty cabinet has the strength and durability for high-demand laundromats and specifically designed for both easy maintenance and a great customer experience. From the easy to access steel base to the powerful motor and drive system to the Intelligent Controls with M-Series Technology, the Maytag MAT20PDAWW is a smart choice for start up laundromats!

Front Load Washers For Laundromats


Maytag Commercial Energy Advantage Front Load Washer MHN33PDCWW

When you’re outfitting your new laundromat, front load washers are a popular choice. The MHN33PDCWW Maytag Commercial Energy Advantage Front Load Washer has advanced-spin technology that provides better wash results every time. The energy-efficient design will increase profits for you as a laundromat owner, saving you money on utility costs. This washing machine features Intelligent Controls with M-Series Technology to drive powerful profits for owners and flexibility for laundromat customers. Each cycle and option can be priced individually, maximizing revenue!

Hard Mount Washer Extractors For Laundromats


G Force measures how many times the Earth's force of gravity that a machine cleans with. 100g is standard in the commercial laundry marketplace. Maytag Hard Mount washers surpass industry standards with 200g extraction! When you choose Maytag Hard Mount washers, your customers save 10% on washer cycle time vs. 100 g washers! Due to the high extraction speed, the laundry has less moisture, thus decreasing dryer time by 33%. Maytag Hard Mount Washers save laundromat customers time and laundromat owners money on utility costs! Check out these machines in stock and ready to go from Coin-O-Matic.

Maytag 20lb Hard Mount Washer Extractor MYR20

The Maytag multi-load washer has intelligent controls and customizable wash cycles that allow for quick drying – holding up to 20lb loads. The durable design of this machine offers less maintenance and downtime to keep your laundromat business running. Maytag’s MYR20 is an excellent washer extractor option for laundry business owners and laundromat customers!


Maytag 25lb Hard Mount Washer Extractor MYR25

If you’re looking for flexibility, durability, and superior wash capabilities, you’ll find it with the Maytag MRY25 Hard Mount Washer Extractor – holding up to 25lb loads! The durable design of this laundromat machine will lead to greater profitability for your laundry business by offering larger load options with advanced laundry washing technology. 


Maytag 30lb Hard Mount Washer Extractor MRY30

The MRY30 Maytag Hard Mount Washer Extractor has a 30-pound load capacity that can take your laundromat business to the next level! The heavy-duty design of this machine can stand up to frequent customer use that can keep running with minimal maintenance. The advanced technology of this machine, along with the intuitive controls, will help customers to get a clean load of laundry every time.


Maytag 40lb Hard Mount Washer Extractor MYR40

If you want to exceed customer expectations, the MYR40 Maytag Hard Mount Washer Extractor is the answer you’ve been looking for! This washer is easy to configure and provides the energy efficiency that you need as a laundromat owner. This washer extractor has a 40-pound capacity – allowing your customers to get more done in one load!


Maytag 55lb Hard Mount Washer Extractor MYR55

The Maytag Hard Mount Washer Extractor MYR55 is designed to handle the most challenging laundry conditions that can be thrown at it – holding up to 55lb loads! Built with a strong frame, durable components, and easy-to-use design ensures that when you purchase this washer extractor, it will be a worthwhile investment for your laundromat business that customers will seek out for their large laundry loads.


Maytag 65lb Hard Mount Washer Extractor MYR65

Take your Midwest laundromat to the next level with the Maytag Hard Mount Washer Extractor MYR65 – having a 65-pound carrying capacity! This washer has superior wash performance that you and your customers will love, especially when handling their biggest loads of laundry. Get them in and out faster with this max capacity washing machine! 

Soft Mount Washer Extractors For Laundromats


For Maytag Soft Mount washers, 400g extraction is standard. With 400g washers, customers save 17% on washer cycle time vs. 100g washers. Due to the very high extraction speed, dry times are shortened by 56% vs. linens that come out of 100g washers!  Don’t miss out on the chance to equip your new laundromat with industry leading technology and equipment options from Maytag!

Maytag’s line of Soft Mount Washer Extractors will meet and then exceed your laundromat customer’s expectations! The Maytag Soft Mount Washer Extractors are known for their strong frames, flexible configurations, and high extraction forces that will set your new laundromat up for success from the start. Check out the full line, in stock and ready to go from Coin-O-Matic! 

Maytag 20lb Soft Mount Washer Extractor MYS20


Maytag 30lb Soft Mount Washer Extractor MYS30


Maytag 40lb Soft Mount Washer Extractor MYS40


Maytag Soft Mount Washer Extractor MYS55


Maytag 65lb Soft Mount Washer Extractor MYS65

Tumble Dryers For Laundromats


Maytag 30lb Tumble Dryer MDG30PCDWW

This multi-load dryer will get clothes dried faster and more efficiently than other commercial dryers on the market, makin your new laundromat a customer favorite! The large opening of this machine makes for easy loading and unloading for your customers, with a durable design built to last. This Maytag tumble dryer has programmable controls that let you easily adjust pricing!


Maytag 75lb Stainless Steel Tumble Dryer MDG76PCCWS

Maytag’s legendary performance stands out in this stainless steel tumble dryer! This dryer features energy-efficient drying through a shallow overall depth, providing great tumbling action for more drying power in less floor space. The easy-to-use controls on this machine feature adjustable cycle times, temperatures, and prices that you’re customers will love!


Maytag 75lb Painted Tumble Dryer MDG76PCCWW

The large capacity of this multi-load tumble dryer offers the energy efficiency that you’ll want for your new Midwest laundromat. The Maytag MDG76PCCWW tumble dryer also features programmable controls that allow for more customization! You’ll love that this tumble dryer has a capacity of 75 pounds, and your customers will too. Let’s talk about how this tumble dryer can benefit your laundromat business today!

Stack Tumble Dryers For Laundromats


Maytag 30lb Stainless Steel Coin Stack Dryer MLG30PDBWS

If your new laundromat has limited space available for machines, we have the perfect solution for you! The Maytag MLG30PDBWS coin stack dryer gives you twice the drying power in smaller floor space. Both dryers have a 30-pound capacity and heavy-duty design for continued use. 


Maytag 30lb Painted Coin Stack Dryer MLG30PDBWW

This Maytag Coin Stack Dryer is similar to the other version but matches the other painted Maytag machines that Coin-O-Matic offers – completing your painted Maytag commercial laundry set. If your new laundromat business is centered in an urban area like Chicago, this will be the perfect fit for your business! These two stacked dryers have the quality of two dryers in one, allowing you to get the most out of your purchase!


Maytag 45lb Stainless Commercial Dependable Care Multi-Load Stack Dryer MLG45PDCWS

These Maytag Stack Dryers offer superior drying power while taking less floor space in your new laundromat business. The digital display shows the official time remaining in the cycle, making the laundry process more efficient. The Axial Airflow System and ThermoGuard System will help dry linens faster.


Maytag 45lb Painted Commercial Dependable Care Multi-Load Stack Dryer MLG45PDCWW

This Maytag Stack Dryer is similar to the stainless steel multi-load dryer mentioned above but matches the other painted machines available through Coin-O-Matic. The heavy-duty motor on these machines stands up to repeated use and has a capacity of 45lbs on both dryers. This Maytag multi-load stack dryer can help elevate the drying power in your laundromat!




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