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October 21, 2022

The Importance of Regular Laundry Machine Maintenance

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Laundry machines need regular maintenance and proper care to function at full capacity. Without fully functioning machines, your laundromat or multi-housing laundry will be a disaster. Read on to learn the benefits of regular laundry machine maintenance and some beginning maintenance tips! 

Decreased Utility Costs 

By regularly cleaning your laundry machines, you can decrease your utility costs. When your machines are clean and fresh, they don’t have to work extra hard to function properly. For example, if the lint trays of your dryer are being cleaned regularly, your clean lint tray will allow for a faster and more efficient dryer. If your machines don’t have to work as hard for a longer period, you will see a decrease in utility costs. By keeping up with regular maintenance, you could save a decent amount of money in the long run! 

Increased Longevity 

This goes without saying, but the more maintained and clean you keep your laundry machines, the longer they will last. As machines get older, you have to keep up with regular maintenance so that they can continue functioning as well as they did when you first bought them. If you don’t perform regular maintenance on your machines, they will start to break down faster, and you won’t get the most out of your money. It’s all about cutting costs and making the most out of your equipment, so do fall behind on your regular maintenance! 

Efficient & Reliable Machines

Regular laundry maintenance ensures that your machines will be more efficient and reliable. When you can trust that your machines will run smoothly, your worries and stress levels diminish! It’s essential that you can rely on your laundry machines because, as a laundromat owner or multi-housing landlord, the last thing you want to get worked up about is how efficiently your equipment is working. Along with regular maintenance, you also want to start with high-quality equipment, so the efficiency and reliability are right from the start!   

Customer Satisfaction 

Not only should you think about the personal benefits of maintaining your equipment regularly, but you should also keep your customers and tenants in mind. Without proper maintenance, many problems can occur within machines, and over time will undoubtedly decrease customer satisfaction. When doing a load of laundry, customers look for two things: convenience and cleanliness. They want to do their laundry in a clean environment with clean equipment without any inconveniences. When you keep up with your laundry machine maintenance, you’re less likely to run into equipment issues and more likely to satisfy your customers! 

Aware Of Problems 

Another advantage and reason why you need to maintain your laundry equipment is that you’ll become aware of problems much earlier than if you never inspected your equipment. If you can detect problems early, then you’re able to solve them faster and can save yourself from any major breakdowns. Keeping an eye on your machines means that you can fix the minor issues that occur before they turn into more significant problems, saving you both time and money in the end. You lower your costs for repairs, your machines have shorter downtimes, and you become more knowledgeable all around when you regularly maintain and inspect your laundry machines! 

Regular Maintenance Tips - we’ve listed some quick and easy laundry machine maintenance tips to get you started, but be sure to do more research on how to conduct these maintenance checks properly!  

  • Clean/inspect the inlet hose 

  • Leave the washing machine door open 

  • Clean the drum, door & gasket 

  • Clean the exterior of all machines

  • Use the right brand and amount of detergent  

  • Don’t overload your machines 

  • Clean the interior & detergent dispensers 

With all the benefits of regular laundry machine maintenance, we’re sure you will pay more attention to your laundry machines. If you still have questions or seek more tips about regular laundry machine maintenance, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Our staff knows how to keep your laundry machines in tip-top shape, and if you come across an equipment issue, our repair team responds quickly. 

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