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December 8, 2023

The Best Commercial Laundry Equipment Brands of 2024

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In the fast-paced world of commercial laundry, every laundry business owner is searching for top-notch equipment that combines durability, innovation, and efficiency. 

As we step into 2024, laundry business owners seeking the best commercial laundry equipment are met with a diverse array of offerings from industry giants. Among these, Maytag, Speed Queen, B&C Technologies, and Yamamoto stand out as trusted names, each bringing a unique blend of reliability and cutting-edge technology to the forefront. 

Maytag: A Legacy of Dependability

Maytag has symbolized dependability and excellence in the commercial laundry equipment industry since 1959. With a rich history, Maytag has consistently delivered top-tier products that are recognized in association with reliability. 

In 2024, Maytag has a lineup of commercial laundry machines that blend durability, innovation, and cutting-edge technology. The laundry brand's commitment to meeting your business's needs is evident in features such as advanced washing and drying capabilities, energy efficiency, and user-friendly interfaces. These machines give you full control over wash and dry times while still achieving powerful performance, and teasy-to-use controls can tackle tough loads and consistent demand to help you increase revenue and efficiency. 

Maytag commercial washers and dryers are designed to withstand the rigorous demands of commercial use and enhance operational efficiency across various industries, including laundromats and apartment complexes

Maytag Commercial Laundry Equipment Highlights:

  • Backed by laundry experts

  • Large capacities that improve productivity

  • Custom payment options that allow you to adjust rates and upsell

  • Single and multi-load capacities

Speed Queen: Setting the Standard for Durability

Speed Queen, a well-known brand in the commercial laundry industry since 1922, continues to set the standard for durability and performance in 2024. 

With a legacy that spans over a century and equipment made in the United States, Speed Queen has consistently been recognized for manufacturing robust and reliable laundry equipment. Speed Queen showcases its unwavering commitment to longevity and efficiency in the latest commercial laundry equipment lineup. 

The brand's dedication to quality is exemplified through innovations such as advanced controls, industrial-grade components, and cutting-edge technology. 

If you’re investing in Speed Queen's 2024 models, you can expect exceptional washing and drying capabilities and a focus on user-friendly interfaces and streamlined operations. 

The Speed Queen Difference:

B&C Technologies: Efficiency in Commercial Laundry

B&C Technologies has emerged as a beacon of efficiency and productivity in the commercial laundry industry. Positioned as a pioneer in laundry innovation since 1995, B&C Technologies has carved a niche by prioritizing cutting-edge technology and solutions. 

These high-quality washers, dryers, drying cabinets, and durable components are designed by the most experienced engineers in the industry. In 2024, the brand's commitment to optimizing laundry processes is evident in its latest lineup of machines. B&C Technologies' equipment is designed to maximize production, minimize resource usage, and enhance overall operational efficiency. 

The latest models showcase the brand's dedication to incorporating user-friendly features, robust construction, and advanced controls to meet the evolving needs of businesses. 

What Makes B&C Technologies Stand Out:

  • Easy-to-use controls

  • Reduces energy and labor costs

  • High-quality components

  • Large load capacities

Yamamoto: Innovating the Future of Commercial Laundry

Yamamoto has emerged as a rising force in the commercial laundry equipment industry, bringing a fresh perspective and innovative solutions to the forefront in 2024. 

With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology, Yamamoto's latest offerings showcase cutting-edge features that redefine efficiency and performance in the laundry industry. Their one-of-a-kind robotic technology is designed in-house by their engineers, who build 96% of all machinery.

The brand's emphasis on innovation stands out in incorporating advanced washing and drying technologies, intuitive controls, and a focus on sustainability. 

Yamamoto's 2024 models are engineered to meet the diverse needs of laundry businesses, offering a seamless blend of reliability and sophistication. As a laundry business owner, Yamamoto is a compelling choice for you, providing forward-thinking solutions.

Game-Changing Yamamoto Performance:

  • Crafted with unique, one-of-a-kind robotic machinery

  • Heirloom-quality laundry equipment

  • Unique mounting systems to meet your laundry operation needs

  • Water level options to save on water costs and usage

Choose a Trusted Commercial Laundry Equipment Partner

Coin-O-Matic is committed to helping Midwest laundromat owners navigate this decision-making process and provide comprehensive support in setting up their laundry business with this year’s top-of-the-line equipment. 

If you need assistance selecting the best commercial laundry equipment for your laundromat, multi-housing laundry room, or on-premise laundry room or are looking for a trusted laundromat partner, don't hesitate to contact Coin-O-Matic today.


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