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April 3, 2017

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Commercial Laundry Equipment

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Commercial Laundry Equipment

Whether you are a multi-housingon-premises, or laundromat owner, keeping your commercial laundry equipment up-to-date boasts countless benefits. Replacing old and outdated equipment lends its hand to many advantages for yourself as a business owner, including increased profits and customer satisfaction. Coin-O-Matic wants to share all of the benefits that upgrading your old machines to Speed Queen has for your laundry business!

Strengthen Your Laundromat Business with New Equipment

Reinvesting in your business is the best way to propel it forward. Dated equipment tacks on additional maintenance costs and can cause stress for customers when machines are down. With more and more customers looking for clean, modern facilities and amenities, upgrading your laundry machines will help strengthen your business. In addition, reinvesting in new equipment offers these great benefits:

  • Reduced Utility Costs: Speed Queen shares that 8 out of 10 laundromat owners reported spending 26% or more of gross revenue on utilities. New technologies in updated laundry equipment gives you access to better efficiency, lowering utility costs significantly. 

  • Increased Customer Loyalty: The laundry industry offers many options for customers to choose from. In a competitive market, capturing customer loyalty is a huge factor for success. Replacing your old commercial laundry equipment with Speed Queen provides customers with enhanced usability and features, an industry leading brand name, and reliability they can always count on. New equipment creates an exciting destination and keeps customers coming back.

  • Boosts in Profitability: When you replace your existing equipment with fresh technologies, customers expect to pay 10-20% more for new machines. In addition to being able to charge more per load, upgraded equipment offers business owners the ability to maximize profit potential through Speed Queen’s Quantum® controls. This feature allows owners to use multi-level and time of day pricing, along with a “lucky cycle” that rewards repeat customers with a free wash or dry.

How Often Should I Replace My Commercial Laundry Equipment?

If your commercial laundry equipment has been in use for a while, it’s important to know the recommended lifespan for each machine. Upgrading your equipment within the suggested time frame will ensure that your laundry facilities are always offering the best experience for customers. Speed Queen equipment should be replaced on this schedule:

  • Top and Front Load Washers: 5-7 years

  • Washer-Extractors: 12-15 years

  • Tumble Dryers: 12-15 years

Upgrade Your Laundry Equipment with Coin-O-Matic!

If you’re looking to upgrade your commercial laundry equipment to boost profits, increase customer loyalty, and save money, Coin-O-Matic would love to partner with you. The Coin-O-Matic team has been proudly distributing Speed Queen commercial laundry equipment for over 50 years. Our industry experience, coupled with our product expertise, allows us to help you run a successful laundry business. If you are located in our service areacontact us today! 

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