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October 29, 2018

Why You Should Use Speed Queen Commercial Laundry Equipment

If you’re a landlord or property manager, you probably already understand that providing laundry services is an important consideration for your business. In today’s competitive real estate and rental market, potential renters want more than just laundry equipment. They want convenience, technology, and efficiency. Speed Queen commercial laundry equipment offers just that! If you’re in the process of upgrading laundry equipment at your property or are building a new rental facility and want to set yourself apart from the competition, Speed Queen is a win-win for you!  

Why Speed Queen commercial laundry equipment is a win for tenants

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  • PocketChange.Live, the latest in laundry monitoring and technology, provides convenient features renters will love, like an app where residents can pay for a wash, view the laundry room status and receive alerts when their laundry is nearing completion + much more.

  • Fast wash and dry cycles help improve efficiency and cut down on wait times in crowded community laundry rooms. Your residents will be in and out quicker than ever.

  • Speed Queen’s innovative Quantum Controls provide tenants more wash and dry options, including extra cycles and programmable water levels, for a better clean and more customized experience.

  • Laundry equipment from Speed Queen is known for its energy-efficiency. Lower utility costs are going to be an important factor and selling point if tenants are paying the electricity and water bills tied to the equipment.

  • Flexible payment options are also going to be important to your tenants. Speed Queen gives you a variety of coin, credit card, and smart card payment options. Many platforms also allow users to pay directly through an app for added convenience.

Why Speed Queen commercial laundry equipment is a win for landlords

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  • Top-of-the-line machines make an attractive selling point for your rental property. As any savvy landlord or property owner knows, attracting qualified, responsible tenants is a key to success. The amenity will help you fill units quickly and keep renters there longer.

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  • Quantum Controls noted above also allow laundry room managers special features like Time-of-Day Pricing, Multi-Level Pricing, and other cycle modifiers that allow you to increase costs during peak times and for upgraded features, increasing your overall profits.

  • The energy-efficiency discussed above also holds true for landlords. If you’re the one paying the utilities in a common laundry area, you want to keep utility costs low to maximize your profits.

  • Easy monitoring and reporting options make it easy to see what’s going on with your machines and help keep them up and running, which means minimal downtime and maintenance. It also means less time managing service requests and complaints from your tenants.

What now?

If you’re ready to invest in Speed Queen commercial laundry equipment for your multi-housing facility in Illinois or Indiana, we can help! As an authorized Speed Queen distributor, our laundry experts can help you find just the right equipment and flexible financing options for your property.

Browse our Speed Queen commercial laundry equipment to get started

PS: If you’re looking to take a little bit of the hassle and stress off of you or your property managers, let’s talk about laundry equipment leasing options too!


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