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February 10, 2023

Multi-Housing Laundry Room Trends of 2023

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The laundry industry is ever-changing. If you can’t keep up with the trends or your multi-housing commercial laundry equipment is outdated, your laundry room won’t be profitable. 

Our expert team at Coin-O-Matic has put together some of the top commercial laundry trends we expect to see in 2023 and tips to help you achieve maximum efficiency and profitability for your property’s community laundry room.  

Smart Laundry Machines

Smart commercial laundry equipment can provide laundry room owners and users with all-around convenience. 

Each machine will provide you with reports, self-monitoring and configuration, and performance data to adjust its water levels and boost efficiency. These innovative and efficient smart laundry equipment allow you to oversee all aspects of your laundry room, including machine functionality, maintenance, and payments. 

Maytag commercial laundry equipment offered through Coin-O-Matic has Maytag Connect 360 technology that keeps you up to date with the performance of every machine. Plus, easy-to-access panels allow for quick maintenance and service when necessary. 

Maytag 20lb Hard Mount Washer Extractor MYR20PDT


Our Speed Queen machines offer Quantum controls that unite equipment controls, programming, and revenue into one versatile system. 

As a multi-housing laundry room owner, you’ll have high-performance and innovative technology while also being secure and reliable. 

Speed Queen 20lb Quantum Touch Vended Soft Mount Washer Extractor SYT020

Shop all commercial laundry equipment for apartments. 

Advanced Laundry Payment Systems

Gone are the days of relying solely on coin-operated laundry equipment. More and more tenants prefer to pay with their smartphones and apps, credit cards, debit cards, or a loyalty card program

Instead of constantly running to the bank, collecting quarters, and having to turn cash into coins, tenants can use their smartphones and other laundry payment options they have on hand to pay for their laundry. These cashless options are a safe and convenient way for renters to do their laundry. 

Multi-housing laundry room owners will also love the convenience that smartphone and app payments deliver for their tenants and themselves. Simply set your commercial laundry equipment to the preferred price of each load and accept mobile payment options. You no longer have to worry about collecting coins and manually counting the income from your laundry room. 

Multiple studies over the past decades have shown that customers spend more when they use cashless options. That means these coinless payment options may seamlessly increase your revenue.  

Eco-Friendly Business Plans

As utility costs continue to increase here in Illinois and throughout the Midwest and inflation impacts overall costs, property managers and investors are more money-savvy than ever. Investing in eco-friendly, energy-efficient laundry equipment can significantly decrease your laundry room expenses. 

All commercial laundry equipment we sell at Coin-O-Matic is designed to reduce water and energy consumption. 

Redesigned efficiency allows each multi-housing laundry machine to reduce water usage through high-speed extraction and superior machine mechanics. The higher speed extraction used by our machines cuts down on drying time, allowing your tenants to get in and out of the laundry room faster, allowing others to utilize your services. 

Not only will you positively impact the earth, but your monthly and overall annual bills will also thank you. 

Innovative New Laundry Room Designs

No renter wants to use a dark, damp, dirty laundry room. Laundry rooms in apartment complexes and condominiums are continuously becoming more home-like and aesthetically pleasing. 

Creating a comfortable and inviting laundry room environment will keep your tenants using your laundry equipment, rather than opting for a nearby laundromat or signing a lease at a new property. Potential tenants will also be more inclined to sign with your property if they have an on-site space to do their laundry, making it easier to fill vacant units. 

Work with our team of professionals to design a laundry room that will position your laundry equipment in the best space to maximize your profit. 

Laundry Room Revenue Sharing

As a rental property owner or manager, you have a lot on your plate already. It’s easy to put your property’s shared laundry room and laundry equipment on the backburner. That’s where laundry room revenue sharing comes in as a viable and trending alternative. 

Laundry room revenue sharing is where you outsource your laundry space to a company like Coin-O-Matic to handle all equipment costs, maintenance, coin collection, customer service etc. Coin-O-Matic services multi-housing laundry rooms in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan. We keep your commercial laundry equipment up to date with the state-of-the-art operation and streamlined payment systems. 

If you want to avoid handling the maintenance and repair of your laundry machines and no longer want to fuss with your laundry room in 2023, laundry room leasing is a great option.  

Boost Your Community Laundry Room Profitability with Coin-O-Matic

With the right equipment and an accountable partner in your corner, your multi-housing laundry room can become one of your property's most profitable square footage. 

Our smart machines and flexible payment options offer you the convenience and efficiency you need to keep your laundry room fully functional. Contact our team of knowledgeable experts today. 

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