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August 11, 2023

Multi-Housing Laundry Equipment Technology: 4 Things to Look For

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In this digital age, where efficiency and convenience reign supreme, laundry equipment technology has undergone a remarkable transformation. 

We will discuss the four main factors to consider when selecting multi-housing laundry equipment technology. Coin-O-Matic stands out as the leading technology provider in the constantly changing multi-housing industry.

1. Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

In today's environmentally conscious world, energy efficiency and sustainability have become important in any technology-driven industry, including multi-housing laundry rooms. Forward-thinking property owners and residents alike seek laundry equipment that minimizes its ecological footprint without compromising performance. 

Coin-O-Matic helps to lead the way, offering a range of cutting-edge laundry machines designed with a strong focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. 

Speed Queen and Maytag’s advanced equipment incorporates innovative features such as low water consumption, optimized washing cycles, and intelligent load-sensing technology. By investing in Coin-O-Matic's energy-efficient laundry equipment, multi-housing complexes can significantly reduce their energy consumption and water usage, making a positive impact on the environment and providing cost-saving benefits for property owners and residents.

2. Advanced Payment Systems

Gone are the days of fumbling for coins or dealing with outdated payment systems in multi-housing laundry facilities. Advanced payment systems have transformed the way property owners and residents use their on-site laundry rooms. 

With a range of choices, including credit and debit cards, smart phone apps, and smart card payment systems, residents can easily pay for their laundry cycles without the hassle of physical currency. 

Coin-O-Matic's modern payment solutions not only enhance the overall user experience but also streamline property management operations. Property owners can effortlessly track revenue and usage data, remotely manage payments, and provide real-time assistance to residents. 

By embracing these advanced payment systems, multi-housing laundry room owners can ensure that their laundry facilities stay on the cutting edge of technology while improving resident satisfaction and operational efficiency.

3. Internet Integration

Embracing the power of the Internet takes multi-housing laundry equipment technology to new heights of efficiency and convenience. Through Internet integration, laundry machines become smart, interconnected devices that communicate seamlessly with property management systems. 

This new technology allows property owners and managers to remotely monitor and control their laundry rooms. This includes access to real-time data about machine usage, status, and performance. With this level of insight, proactive maintenance and issue resolution becomes possible, reducing downtime and maximizing machine uptime. 

At Coin-O-Matic, we offer Live Laundry Room View capabilities for machines where residents can directly check machine availability, receive cycle completion alerts, and even make payments through user-friendly mobile apps. Through Internet integration, multi-housing complexes can offer a technologically advanced, reliable, and convenient laundry experience to their residents.

4. Maintenance and Customer Support

Coin-O-Matic goes above and beyond when it comes to providing top-notch maintenance and customer support for multi-housing laundry equipment. Recognizing the critical role of well-maintained machines, we offer comprehensive laundry repair services in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin to minimize downtime and ensure optimal performance. 

Our team of skilled equipment service technicians can conduct inspections, preventative maintenance, and timely repairs using the latest diagnostic tools and genuine replacement parts. 

At Coin-O-Matic, our customer support is second to none, with a dedicated helpline available - (708) 540-2047 - to assist property owners promptly. Whether it's addressing machine or payment system issues, our responsive, fully trained, on-site service technicians ensure that laundry facilities are always up and running, leaving both property owners and residents with peace of mind.

The Coin-O-Matic Difference: 

  • Service technicians that are in-house and factory-trained in a full-time network

  • Response times that are the same or the next business day

  • Full-size service vehicles stock all the necessary parts to get the job done right.

  • Online vehicle tracking system to communicate cellular and numeric packaging units

Contact the Multi-Housing Specialists Today!

At Coin-O-Matic, we continue to shape the future of laundry solutions, enhancing property owner and resident satisfaction and streamlining property management operations in an eco-friendly and innovative manner. Contact our multi-housing specialists today to get the most out of your laundry room! 


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