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September 20, 2021

How to Choose the Right Industrial Laundry Equipment for Your Fire Station

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Choosing the right industrial laundry equipment is a critical decision for your fire station. You need to ensure that your turnout gear is kept clean so no one is put in danger. Mishandling dirty gear can put someone’s health at risk, can be a potential fire hazard, and can endanger firemen’s lives in serious situations. Overall, clean attire is important for the safety and comfort of firefighters. Installing in-house laundry machines prevents exposure to others, reduces your fire station’s operating costs and can assist in the longevity of your gear. Be sure to read on so you can choose the right equipment for your fire station!

NFPA Guidelines

A very important step when purchasing laundry equipment for a fire station is to double check that the equipment is up to the NFPA standards. The National Fire Protection Association standards are intended to minimize the chances of fires and other hazardous risks. The supplier of your laundry equipment should be able to provide you with information on if the equipment meets the NFPA requirements. If not, move on to the next supplier! Here at Coin-O-Matic, we have decades of experience when it comes to helping firehouses find the right laundry equipment.

Hard Mount Washers

When purchasing a fire station washing machine, you’re going to want to go with a hard-mount washer because they have a considerably higher extraction rate compared to a soft-mount washer. The B&C Technologies 45lb Hard Mount Washer Extractor HE-45 is a popular choice when it comes to fire station equipment. High extraction is important for turnout gear because there are many creases and crevices within the gear where water can hide. If the water is not fully extracted after the wash cycle, the gear can wear down a lot quicker than normal. Because of the high extraction rate, this HE Series Washer-Extractor is a must-have for your fire station!


Another thing you should be looking for is multiple programming options for your washer. When washing turnout gear, there are multiple cycles and settings that need to be used for varying equipment. What one item needs to be washed on may not be the same as another. That’s why having various cycles, water levels, and speeds are important when it comes to turnout gear. Make sure you’re knowledgeable on the different programming systems before you go ahead and purchase your laundry equipment!

Easy Operation

This might go without saying, but easy-to-operate is on the top list for industrial laundry equipment. You want programming and washing formulas to be hassle-free when you’re washing your gear. Simple 1-2-3 steps are what you should be looking for when weighing the options of fire station laundry equipment. You need to be able to wash your turnout gear in an efficient manner and there is no point in owning a washing machine for your fire station if nobody knows how to use it!

Adjustable Speeds

To go along with programming, we want to reiterate how important it is to be able to adjust the speed on your washing machine. With turnout gear, all water needs to be extracted but this has to happen at a lower speed. When water is extracted at a higher speed, it forces the water to go around the clothing instead of straight through. This can cause major damage to your turnout gear, so you have to make sure that you’re able to adjust the machine speed to a lower level to effectively and safely wash your gear.

Consider the Area

When choosing laundry equipment for your fire station, you’ll also want to consider the area that you plan on placing your equipment. This area should be spacious, have the right plumbing fixtures for your machines, and should be placed up against an exterior wall. You’ll also want to consider placing the equipment away from the living space in your fire station and should also not place the equipment under any sleeping spaces. Be smart and consider all options before placing the equipment in their forever home!

Commercial Drying Cabinets

By now you might be thinking “what about dryers for my fire station?” Great question! Drying machines are not recommended for turnout gear, so instead, you need to look at commercial drying cabinets. We may not be able to speak for everyone, but Coin-O-Matic’s Commercial Drying Cabinets are directly for delivering a faster and more efficient drying process for turnout gear and other delicate materials. Our commercial drying cabinets offer gentle drying that is necessary for your gear and meets all NFPA requirements. You’ll definitely want to take a look at those cabinets for your fire station!

Are you ready to start deciding on laundry equipment for your fire station? Contact us today to see how we can help you! Our goal is to provide you with the best laundry equipment for your fire station and we’d be glad to answer any of your questions. We can’t wait to speak with you!



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