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May 17, 2017

How Laundry Technology Helps Transform Your Business

How Laundry Technology Helps Transform Your Business

For decades, the commercial laundry industry has been rooted in a cash-only business and basic operating systems. As our fast-paced world evolves to be even more tech savvy, some of these innovations have begun to shift our industry, which has typically been defined as traditional, in a different direction. Laundry equipment technology, like credit card and smart card vending systems, transform multi-housingvended, and on-premises facilities to be even more profitable, customer-centric, and successful with growth.

Better Business Management

Knowing the ins and outs of your daily operations is essential for running a successful coin laundry business. Commercial laundry equipment technology, like SpyderWash credit card vending systems, allows business owners to use web-based management tools to drill down specifics about the inner workings of their facility, helping to drive more informed and better business decisions. In addition, these systems allow you to:

  • See all customer transactions in real-time
  • Access the business management system remotely from a variety of web-connected devices
  • Use analytical tools to help you better understand the flow of your laundromat business operations
  • Gain full accountability of loyalty cards, coin, and credit/debit cards 

Flexible Payment Options

In an industry where the customer is king, laundry technology systems allow you to offer flexible payment options to your clientele. Customers using your facility have the ability to purchase vending services using a combination of credit/debit cards, coins, loyalty program cards, cash, and contactless payment across both of Coin-O-Matic’s available platforms. These various payment options ensure that your customer base always has a convenient form of payment and eliminates the need to make an extra stop at a bank or ATM to get change, thus creating increased loyalty and satisfaction.

Heightened Security

As a small business owner, protecting your assets from internal theft is a top priority. Card systems include software that allow laundry owners to track every dollar, of both cash and credit cards, so you can closely monitor accounting and prevent internal theft. Unlike other small businesses that use traditional payment methods and cash drawers, laundry technology software makes balancing the flow of your money much easier.

Add Technology to Your Laundry Room with Coin-O-Matic!

Credit and smart card vending systems help coin laundry businesses differentiate their facilities from the competition. In an industry where distinction is key, make a sound business investment by adding laundry technology to your facility. The knowledgeable team at Coin-O-Matic can help provide you with technology solutions that best fit the needs of your business and help it grow with continued success and offerings. If you are located in our service areacontact us today!

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