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August 16, 2022

5 Benefits Of Top Load Washers

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We have you covered if you're starting your laundry business journey and are unsure whether to purchase top or front-load washers! Top load washers wash laundry faster and are slightly more ergonomic than front load washers. This helps to provide a better cleaning experience than front load washers, making them the best choice for laundromats, multi-housing, and commercial use. Here are some more details on what would make top load washers the best fit for your commercial laundry needs:

  1. Faster Wash Times: Top load washers have a faster wash time, allowing customers to get their laundry done faster with more people using the machine. They achieve this by immediately immersing the laundry in water, which front load washers just can't do. Customers find that there is less soak time, being able to move their clothes to the dryer sooner than a front load option.

  2. More Ergonomic: With the height of Coin-O-Matic's top load washers, users can quickly load and unload their laundry. Front load washers require users to bend down uncomfortaby, and lift heavy loads up and down between the dryer.  By preventing your customers from having to bend as often while doing their laundry, they'll enjoy a better experience with your machines!

  3. Better Cleaning Performance: Top load washers can easily remove dirt, grime, and stains, handling tough messes and most of whatever your customers might throw at it. If your customers have made a larger mess that needs a heavy wash cycle, our top load washers come with agitators and deep fill options to help to get the job done right in the first wash. The trusted commercial laundry equipment at Coin-O-Matic can clean clothes better, allowing you to have the best commercial laundry equipment operating in your business!

  4. Energy Efficiency: Coin-O-Matic's top load washers are typically more efficient than their front load rivals. Less water needs to be used for the washer to cycle and their faster cycle times use less energy. You'll love how top load washers can change the game for your laundry business, allowing you to increase the overall revenue!

  5. Longer Lifespan: Top load washers have a longer lifespan than front load washers, allowing you to keep your machines up and running while also saving you money in the long run of operating your business. The world-class test lab at Coin-O-Matic pushes our top load washers far beyond the conditions they're likely to face at your business, so you can relax knowing that you're getting a machine that will get the job done right! 

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