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May 26, 2023

6 Steps to Create a Modern Laundromat Design

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Creating a modern laundromat design can be more inviting for customers and can increase the overall revenue of your business. Customers that feel welcomed and safe in your laundry business are more likely to return. 

At Coin-O-Matic, we’re here to help owners create the best, most profitable laundromat businesses throughout Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Below are six tips for creating a modern laundromat design to help you take your business to the next level. 

1. Plan Out Your Space

Whether you’re still searching for a laundromat site,  recently built a new space, or have purchased an existing laundromat, planning out how the space will be used is an important part of creating a modern laundromat design. 

A good layout and design for your laundromat business will make the most out of the space you have. Our team of laundry development specialists at Coin-O-Matic will work with you to determine the best layout for your laundry business, helping you to be successful and increase revenue. 

2. Think Like a Customer

As you plan, think like a customer would. If you were to walk into your laundromat for the first time, where would you first look? How would the design make you feel? 

Ensure your laundromat equipment is in the most logical position for an easy wash and dry experience. Have tables, carts, and seating for your customers to fold and sort their laundry with ease and remain comfortable while waiting for each cycle. If you’re able, providing your customers with a guest Wi-Fi password can make the overall experience easier since they can work or study while they wait. 

High-quality washers and dryers can keep machines up and running, helping you to avoid those ‘out-of-order’ signs that customers often see at other laundromat locations. Customers that walk in and see machines with recognizable brand names such as  Maytag Commercial Laundry have more trust that their laundry will be clean.

Consider what else you’d like to see as a customer: a water cooler, vending machine, convenient payment systems, and more. 

3. Build Out Sections of Washers and Dryers

If you don’t have enough washers and dryers to fit within your space, it can make your laundromat look unequipped to handle customers. On the other hand, too many laundry machines can make the space seem cramped and overwhelming for visitors. Too many machines can also decrease the ability of your machine doors to open properly and for customers to maneuver around. 

Make sure your equipment is aligned with the size of your space. Our laundromat investment specialists can help you determine which machines are needed and how many you should have. 

If you have a small laundromat space, stacked tumble dryers can increase the number of cycles that can be done at once while not crowding the space. 

4. Don’t Forget About Ample Lighting 

Bright lighting can take your laundromat to the next level. If your space already has large windows, let in the natural light and place some plants in the space to add some color and natural, inviting elements to your laundromat. 

If your building doesn’t have windows, add bright hanging lights to brighten the space and create a clean and safe environment for your customers. Avoid cheap lighting fixtures that buzz, as they can be make the space look cold and uninviting. Instead, opt for LED lights that are eco-friendly, bright, yet cozy for your laundromat. 

5. Add Color to Your Interior Design

If you’ve already chosen brand colors for your laundromat business, work them into the interior design. Paint an accent wall or choose pots for plants, seating, or decor that reflect those colors. 

To create more of an aesthetic feel for your laundromat business, choose neutral colors that are typically replicated in your customers’ homes. Tan, green, blue, and white are clean and inviting colors that can help you create a welcoming environment. 

If you want to be bold, choose primary colors for the seating and accent walls. No matter what route you take for your business, keep it consistent throughout. 

6. Place Signage in Visible Areas 

To make your laundromat as efficient and inviting as possible, incorporate signs and instructions throughout your business. 

For example, add signs that  explain how to use the machines, typical detergent amounts per a load of laundry, payment options, and how they’re used where customers will see it as they are loading the machines.Match the font and color of these signs to your brand to complement the overall look and feel of your laundromat business. 

Contact Coin-O-Matic’s Laundromat Investment Specialists Today! 

If you have any other questions about creating a modern laundromat design, contact the laundromat investment specialists at Coin-O-Matic today! Our team can help you determine the best commercial laundry equipment layout for your business and what you need to make your laundromat flourish.



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