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July 11, 2017

5 Tips for Upgrading Your Laundromat

5 Tips for Upgrading Your Laundromat

Brian Grell, a Coin Laundry Association Board Member, estimates that 70-80% of laundromats are operating below their potential. With such a competitive market, how do laundry owners differentiate themselves and rise above being a “Zombie Mat”, or an old and outdated facility? Retooling your laundromat is an effective way to upgrade your customers’ experience, thus increasing profits, customer loyalty, and branding. Upgrade your laundromat with these 5 tips from the laundry experts at Coin-O-Matic!

Improve Your Laundromat’s Signage

The self-service laundry industry is typically comprised of small business owners with limited marketing budgets. Exterior and interior signs play a large role in selling your laundry’s brand to customers. The Small Business Administration shares that nearly 60% of business owners who upgraded their design or changed their sign’s placement increased sales, profits, and the number of transactions. Signage can be designed to fit any budget and is an effective way to upgrade your laundromat with a clean, modern, and fresh look. If you are looking to revitalize your coin laundry facility’s interior and exterior signs, make sure to consider these factors when designing and ordering:

  • Make it easy to read for passersby with bold fonts and contrasting colors. Simplicity is always key when it comes to effect signage.
  • Invest in multiple placements of your signs, taking into consideration your laundromat’s location, facility size, and architectural elements.
  • Design your signs as an extension of your brand, incorporating your logo, messaging points, and colors.

Renovate Your Laundromat’s Bathroom

A restroom is a direct reflection of the care business owners take of their facility and is an easy renovation to make to your laundromat. Keeping your laundry’s bathroom clean will provide customers with a better experience and an additional amenity while they are using your machines. If your restrooms are currently in poor shape, start by giving it a thorough clean from top to bottom and replace any supplies that are outdated or worn out. If you employ attendants at your store, have them upkeep the bathrooms as part of their daily job duties.

Upgrade Your Commercial Laundry Equipment

Although it’s a bigger investment up front, upgrading your commercial laundry equipment boasts countless benefits not only to you as a business owner, but also to your customer base as well. A few key benefits include:

  • Increases in profitability
  • Decreases in utility costs
  • Better customer loyalty
  • And more!

Invest in Laundry Equipment Technology

Upgrading your commercial laundry equipment to include laundry technology will transform your laundromat. Better business management, flexible payment options, and heightened security are among the benefits of investing in this ancillary equipment. Many credit card and smart card vending systems can be added to existing machines to make them more profitable, customer-centric, and set up for growth.

Put an Emphasis on Customer Service      

With 70% of laundromat owners employing 0-2 staff members, customer service isn’t always the number one priority. Shifting your dynamic to a customer-centric business model can help differentiate your facility from competitors and increase profits. Employing an attendant who can help with day-to-day operations can make a noticeable difference. Some tasks they can be empowered to take on include:

  • Resolving customer issues in a timely manner
  • Performing preventative maintenance on your commercial laundry equipment
  • Collecting cash from vending and laundry machines
  • Heightening security by having a presence directly in the store
  • Maintaining the bathrooms and any other customer-focused areas

In a competitive industry differentiation is key for laundromat owners. The team at Coin-O-Matic is dedicated to helping clientele differentiate their facilities beyond commercial laundry equipment. Unlock the tools to be successful by discovering energy efficient tips for your laundromat and how laundry technology can help transform your business. 

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