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March 24, 2023

5 Things to Consider When Designing a Communal Laundry Room Residents Will Love

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A well-designed communal laundry room can bring in additional revenue while increasing the attractiveness and appeal of your rental property to new and current residents. 

However, the opposite is also true.Multi-housing laundry rooms that are dirty, dark, and full of broken or inefficient equipment don’t make money. And they’re a turn-off to qualified renters. 

Follow the five tips below to create a communal laundry room that benefits you and your residents. 

1. Design a Clean and Comfortable Space

It’s important that you provide regular maintenance and upkeep to your laundry room. 

No one wants to do laundry in a dirty space. A clean and comfortable laundry room will increase profitability through regular use. 

  • Ensure that laundry equipment is regularly wiped down both inside.

  • Provide trash cans for residents to dispose of waste and lint.

  • Clean the floors. 

A regular maintenance schedule that your residents can see helps reassure them that they always have a clean space to do their laundry. They’ll also be able to plan accordingly when washers and dryers are out-of-service for maintenance.  

As new residents tour the apartment building, they’ll be impressed with the cleanliness of the space. It’ll serve as a reflection of how you care for the rest of your building.  

2. Provide Trusted and Efficient Commercial Laundry Equipment

Whether you’re just starting to design your laundry room or have been operating one for years, top-performing and trusted laundry equipment is a must. 

At Coin-O-Matic, we carry top laundry brands like Speed Queen and Maytag. These brands have created trusted commercial laundry equipment for decades. 

The equipment is designed to provide a high-quality wash experience and customizable controls, so users get an ideal laundry experience every time. For business owners, efficient wash and dry times minimize energy consumption and utility costs. 

3. Prioritize Resident Safety

Safety should always be a top priority when designing a community laundry room in your apartment or condominium. 

Residents with young children want to keep their families safe. At the same time, property managers want to protect both residents and their property investments.

Here are a few ways you can make sure tenants, the laundry equipment, and your property are as safe as possible: 

  • Your multi-housing laundry room should only be accessible to your residents. Locking the room and providing residents with the key will help them feel more at ease in utilizing the space. Limited access also minimizes the chance of theft or vandalism. 

  • The laundry room should be on the first floor of the building for easy access for all tenants. This will also minimize property damage in case of washer leaks or overflow.

  • Keep detergents, cleaners, fabric softeners, and other chemicals out of reach of young children. 

  • Provide ample lighting throughout the laundry room. 

  • Install security cameras in and around the laundry room to prevent potential theft and vandalism. 

4. Make Your Laundry Room Social

Adding amenities to your shared laundry room can help to create a sense of community. Residents who engage and build relationships with their neighbors are more likely to continue renting from you. 

Adding tables, chairs, a vending machine, television, or bulletin board can increase community involvement and time spent in the space. Residents who want to work or read while waiting for their laundry will feel more comfortable in this environment. 

5. Determine the Best Communal Laundry Room Design

When you have everything you need to make your community laundry room a welcoming place for your residents, ensure it’s properly laid out. 

  • Ensure there’s a natural flow from washers to dryers, rather than scattered or a lot of walking back and forth.  

  • Ensure the washing machine and dryer doors can fully open and close without hitting each other. 

  • Keep a wide enough walkway for the doors to open and for tenants to carry their laundry baskets at their sides. 

  • Place seating at the side of the room to offer more space for residents. If your laundry room has windows, consider placing seating there. 

Contact the Multi-Housing Specialists at Coin-O-Matic 

Our Coin-O-Matic team can help you determine the best layout for your communal laundry room for maximum efficiency and profitability. Contact our team of laundry experts to help you build or revamp your apartment laundry services today! 



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