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    We have the best selection of commercial and vended laundry equipment from industry-leading names like Speed Queen, Maytag, B&C Technologies, Yamamoto, and more.

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    Coin-O-Matic has been supplying laundromats and supporting their success since the late 1950s. As one of the oldest commercial laundry equipment dealers in the United States, no other distributor has the experience and commitment to the success of its customers as we do.

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    We have the best selection of commercial and vended laundry equipment from industry-leading names like Speed Queen, Maytag, B&C Technologies, Yamamoto, and more.

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Coin-O-Matic - Your Laundry Experts Since 1921

Full Service Commercial and Coin Operated Laundry Equipment Distributor for Speed Queen, Maytag, B&C Technologies, Yamamoto & More!

Family owned and operated since 1921, Coin-O-Matic provides commercial washer and dryer solutions and coin operated laundry equipment for multi-housing facilities, businesses with on-premises laundry needs and laundromats. Whatever your laundry equipment needs are, the team at Coin-O-Matic has the equipment, products, service, and support you need. Simply put, Coin-O-Matic is your #1 resource for commercial, coin, and credit card operated laundry equipment.

Our service area covers a wide territory. From Chicago, Springfield and Rockford, IL to Madison and Milwaukee, WI to Gary, Indianapolis, and Fort Wayne, IN to Grand Rapids, Petoskey and Detroit, MI, and throughout Northern Illinois, Northern Indiana, Southern Wisconsin, and the lower peninsula of Michigan, Coin-O-Matic is here to help.

We have the laundry equipment solutions for multi-housing property managers, laundromat owners, business owners with commercial and industrial laundry needs, and investors looking for new business opportunities. Please contact Coin-O-Matic in Alsip, IL today as we are here to serve you.


Must-Haves for Multi-Housing Laundry Rooms

A shared laundry room is a valuable amenity for apartment buildings, condos, colleges, universities, mobile home parks, rehabilitation centers, military bases, correctional institutions, or any other multi-housing community. As a property owner, how do you make your community laundry room stand out? Coin-O-Matic has been offering industry-leading machines for apartments and other multi-housing facilities for decades! We’re sharing some of our must-haves for the perfect multi-housing laundry room that is functional, profitable, and a great selling point for your property.

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Replacing Commercial Laundry Equipment

When you’re a laundromat business owner, you hope your commercial laundry equipment will last forever – unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Laundry equipment that is broken needs to be replaced, but sometimes laundry machines need to be replaced even when they are in working order. You can save time, money, and a lot of stress by upgrading your commercial laundry equipment before it stops working. Let’s go over the obvious and non-obvious signs that it’s time to replace your equipment.

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Laundry Payment System Options For Your Laundromat

Coin payment systems were the gold standard in vended laundry equipment for decades. Today, commercial laundry equipment is no longer limited to only coin-operated machines. Coin-O-Matic provides our clients with vended laundry machines that have convenient ways to pay for their wash and dry cycles. Customers can pay for a wash or dry with traditional cash options, a smartphone app, and a credit card. Below we will break down the key features of each laundromat payment option to help you find the best payment option for your business!

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5 Benefits Of Top Load Washers

We have you covered if you're starting your laundry business journey and are unsure whether to purchase top or front-load washers! Top load washers wash laundry faster and are slightly more ergonomic than front load washers. This helps to provide a better cleaning experience than front load washers, making them the best choice for laundromats, multi-housing, and commercial use. Here are some more details on what would make top load washers the best fit for your commercial laundry needs:

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