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Speed Queen Commercial Hardmount Washer Extractors

Speed Queen hardmount washer extractors are built specifically for the commercial environment. They use steel where others use plastic. Speed Queen's world class test lab rigorously pushes their hardmount washer extractors far beyond the conditions they'll face in the field. Coin-O-Matic believes in being there when our customers throughout Illinois and Indiana need us most. With the revolutionary Quantum control it's easy to customize your laundry operation to meet your needs — whether your operating a large laundromat business in the heart of Chicago or a cozy duplex in a neighboring suburb.


  • Advanced Inverter Drive.
  • Faster Extraction Speed.
  • Leak Detection. Rugged Frame Design.
  • Quiet Performance.
  • Four Compartment Dispenser.
  • Automatic Door Lock.
  • Secure High-Capacity Coin Vault.
  • Commercial Grade Bearings, Shaft and Seal.
  • Ergonomic Door Handle.
  • Front Service Access.